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Welcome to ERISA Pension Claims, which informs class action plaintiffs of progress on pension claim lawsuits. Currently we provide court documents for the following class action lawsuits:


We appreciate information relevant to these ERISA class action lawsuits and the pension plan conversions which affected the value of employee retirement benefits. Please contact us if you have information for any of these law suits.

The Hilton Pension Class Action Lawsuit concerns “backloading” of pension benefits so that little benefits are earned in the first years. It also concerns the vesting of pension benefits and counting all years of employment for that purpose.

The AT&T Pension Class Action Lawsuit, the CIGNA Pension Class Action Lawsuit. the El Paso Class Action Lawsuit and the Solvay Class Action Lawsuit concern the conversion of traditional employee benefit pension plans to cash balance pension plans, which significantly decreased the value of benefits for long term older workers. Such reductions violate the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).

Terms used on this site include:

  • Class action or class action lawsuit: A lawsuit filed by one or more individuals on behalf of themselves and a larger group that is “similarly situated," such as employees of a company during a designated time period.
  • Complaint: The document filed with the court by the plaintiff to initiate legal action, stating facts, claims and the legal basis of the claims, e.g., for enforcement of employee rights provided by ERISA. Complaints are amended to add or correct facts and to refine “causes of action”, the legal bases for the lawsuit.
  • Docket: The court’s official listing of all case-related documents on a specific lawsuit, with relevant dates and notes on status or action required. Since the docket is the comprehensive record of documents and actions, is it updated frequently. The dockets shown on this site are updated monthly.
  • Briefs: Formal documents submitted to the court by the plaintiff or defendant lawyers to argue the lawsuit. Briefs on this site apply legal reasoning to support the plaintiff’s petitions and motions and/or to counter arguments of the defendants.

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