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Attorneys handling the Solway Class Action Suit are:

  • Stephen R. Bruce, Washington, D.C., lead counsel
  • Richard Honaker, Rock Springs, WY

Stephen Bruce is an attorney in Washington, D.C. with extensive experience in ERISA class action lawsuits. He is the author of Pension Claims: Rights and Obligations (BNA Books 1st ed. 1988; 2nd ed. 1993), a treatise about benefit law under ERISA. The book has been cited by the United States Supreme Court, federal appeals and district courts, and numerous law review articles.



Richard Honaker is an experienced trial lawyer who has practiced in Wyoming since 1976.  His current and recent cases include auto and truck accidents; catastrophic railroad accidents; defective product cases, oil field, mining, and pipeline accidents; and pharmaceutical litigation. He is a past president of the Wyoming State Bar, the Wyoming Trial Lawyers’ Association, and the Wyoming chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates and currently serves as vice-chairman of the Wyoming Board of Professional Responsibility.

Mr. Honaker can be contacted at (307) 362-5800 or


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