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Retirement Benefit Claims for Former Coastal/ANR Employees

Welcome to the website for former Coastal Corporation and American Natural Resources Company ("ANR") employees who participate in the Kinder Morgan Retirement Plan A (previously the El Paso Corporation Pension Plan). We represent Curtis Pedersen, a former employee of Coastal Corp. and ANR, on his claims for additional retirement benefits.


The proposed class action complaint to recover lost retirement benefits for former ANR and Coastal Corporation employees was filed on February 22, 2021. The complaint is filed in the Eastern District of Michigan, which encompasses Detroit where ANR was originally headquartered. The complaint is 68 pages long and is attached (click to download). The introductory paragraphs in the complaint summarize the basis for the action.

About the Claims for Early Retirement Benefits

Until early 2019, El Paso Corp. and later Kinder Morgan allowed Coastal employees who reached age 55 while employed to obtain valuable early retirement benefits. The early retirement benefits include the right to receive an age 65 benefit as early as age 62, with no reduction. Kinder Morgan provided benefit projections to Mr. Pedersen and others showing them as eligible for early retirement benefits if they reached age 55 while they were working. In 2019, Kinder Morgan changed its mind and took the position that this was all an “error" and that ANR employees who had not retired as of some to-be-determined date could not receive the valuable early retirement benefits. Kinder Morgan determined that employees who were not age 53 in March 2007, when El Paso sold the ANR unit to TransCanada, would otherwise be considered “terminated” at that time and not eligible for early retirement.

The Internal Claims Process

While we aren’t required to, we are trying to resolve this matter through Kinder Morgan’s internal claims process before filing a lawsuit in the federal district court. On November 5, 2019, we submitted a claim letter on behalf of Mr. Pedersen to the Kinder Morgan Fiduciary Committee.

On February 27, 2020, the Claims Administrator responded with a letter denying Mr. Pedersen’s claims (except for a claim related to “the ANR Grandfathered portion of his benefit”).

We appealed that decision in a June 18, 2020 letter to the Fiduciary Committee, and have asked for the Committee’s final response by July 20, 2020.

Contact Information for Questions or Comments

If you are a former Coastal Corp. or ANR employee like Mr. Pedersen and have questions or would like to provide information related to this matter, please email (in new window) — Top of page
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